2016-2017 Dance Season Awards



Bird Machine- Kamryn Waldron- Gold, Outstanding Style Award, Outstanding Musicality Award

Say You Love Me- Summer Conkling- Gold, Outstanding Focus Award, Outstanding Showmanship Award

Save Me- Sydney Voss- Gold, Outstanding Stage Presence Award

Rescue My Heart- Morgan Vandervoort- High Gold, Outstanding Interpretation Award

Faith- Platinum, Outstanding Smiles Award, Critics Choice Nominee

Retrograde- Platinum, 3rd Overall, Outstanding Stage Presence Award, Critics Choice Nominee

Let Me Entertain You- Gold, Outstanding Smiles Award

Toy Soldier- High Gold, Outstanding Energy Award

Don’t Let Me Down- Platinum, 1st in category, Outstanding Smiles Award

I Found- Gold, Outstanding Interpretation Award

Final Song- Gold

Clique- High Gold

Fever- High Gold, Outstanding Expression Award

The Leaving Song- Platinum, 10th Overall, Outstanding Interpretation Award, Critics Choice Nominee

Antidote- Gold, Outstanding Energy Award, Outstanding Style Award

Do It Right- High Gold, 3rd in category, Outstanding Staging Award, Outstanding Energy Award

Fall For You- Gold, Teen & Senior Versatility Award

Congratulations to JJ Robertson for being a Junior Outstanding Dancer Finalist!

Congratulations to Savannah Smith and Serena Thompson for being Teen Outstanding Dancer Finalists!


Dupree Dance

Cairo – Gold

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Platinum, 3rd Overall, Sweet As Sugar Award

Can You Feel It – Gold

Candy Shop Drop – Platinum, 1st Overall

Bills – Platinum, 2nd Overall

Faith – Platinum, 6th Overall

We Burn Bridges – Platinum, 7th Overall

Whistle – Platinum, 6th Overall

I Run to You – Platinum, 1st Overall

Miss Kiss – Platinum, 2nd Overall

Retrograde – Platinum

Primetime – Gold

Stupid Cupid – Platinum

Hot, Hot, Hot – Platinum, 3rd Overall

Let Me Entertain You – Platinum

Hotstepper – Platinum

All the Way Up – Gold

Toy Soldier – Platinum

Fever – Platinum, Classy Hoofer Award

Good to Be Alive – Platinum

Carnaval – Diamond, 1st Overall

Don’t Let Me Down – Platinum

Walk the Walk – Gold

Fall for You – Diamond

Final Song – Platinum

Do It Right – Diamond

Call Me – Gold

Clique – Gold

Antidote – Platinum

Fame – Gold

I Found – Platinum, 6th Overall – Polished Award

The Leaving Song – Diamond, 1st Overall, Heart Stopper Award

Rhythmic Souls Tap Scholarship – Caroline Stiles & Morgan Vandervoort

Dupree Half Scholarship – Sloane Winkler, Olivia Smith, Charlotte Stiles, Ella Davison, Amelia Nuzzo, Stefanie Faucher, Eliza Thompson & Chatham Carlson

Dupree Full Scholarhip – JJ Robertson & Kamryn Waldron

Dupree All-Star – Ella Maton



Hit Me Up- High Gold—Maddie Bregenzer

How Sweet It Is- Gold—Ella Crabtree

Grace- Gold—Caroline Grinstead

Stars- High Gold—Merritt Norris

Shine- Gold—Eliza Thompson

Yours- High Gold—Emily Basham

Light Me Up- Gold—Lauryn Edwards

When She Came Back- Gold—Lily Eixmann

Under Attack- Platinum, Commitment Award—Ella Maton

The Chain- High Gold—Linley Norris

Say My Name- High Gold—Savannah Smith

Flickers- High Gold—Miya Voss

Not About Angels- High Gold—Drew Williams

Geronimo- Gold—Sofia Alvarez

Gone- High Gold—Caroline Stiles

Crazy in Love- High Gold—Helena Stewart

Bird Machine- High Gold—Kamryn Waldron

Say You Love Me- High Gold—Summer Conkling

Rescue My Heart- Platinum, Complete Package Award, 3rd Overall—Morgan Vandervoort

Save Me- Platinum—Sydney Voss

Bole Chudiyan- High Gold—Aneri Patel

Business of Love- High Gold—Elizabeth Morse

Hair- High Gold—Adison Mathes

Lift Me Up- High Gold—Stella Hall

Wonder- Gold—Ella Voss

Riptide- High Gold—Olivia Smith

Dear Sophie- High Gold—Lilly Griffin

Me Too- High Gold—Ava Cox, Cora Rose Howard

Glamorous- High Gold—Abby Barton, Calista Carr

Everybody Hurts- High Gold, Class Act Award—Lily Katherine Cox

I Do- High Gold—London Keller

Alaska- Gold—Kathrine Keirsted

I’ll Think of You- High Gold—Anna Graber

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Gold—Stefanie Faucher

Brave- Gold—Abby Molina

Save Dat Money- Gold—Andie Armitage, Sydney Conrad

River- High Gold—Summer Conkling, Savannah Smith

Faith- High Gold

Don’t Let Me Down- Platinum, Encore Performance Nominee

Fever- High Gold

Fall for You- Platinum, Magic Moment Award, 3rd Overall

Retrograde- High Gold

I Found- Platinum

Dream- Gold

The Leaving Song- Platinum, 2nd overall

Toy Soldier- Gold

Clique- High Gold

Antidote- Platinum, 5th Overall, Industry Awards Hip Hop Outstanding Performance

Let Me Entertain You- Gold

Final Song- Gold

Do It Right- Platinum, 4th Overall

Parade of Stars Winners–Morgan Vandervoort and Kamryn Waldron

Steven Boyd Award–Kamryn Waldron


Stage One

Dear Sophie- Platinum, 3rd in division- Lilly Griffin

How Sweet It Is- High Gold- Ella Crabtree

Shine- High Gold- Eliza Thompson

The Chain- High Gold- Linley Norris

Gone- High Gold- Caroline Stiles

Hit Me Up- Platinum- Maddie Bregenzer

Save Dat Money- High Gold

Business of Love- Double Platinum, 1st in division, 7th Overall, Passion Award- Elizabeth Morse

Hair- Platinum, 3rd in division-Adison Mathes

Move- High Gold, 1st in division-Hadley Perego & Isabel Wight

Lift Me Up- Platinum- Stella Hall

Burn- Platinum- Ella Davison

Wonder- Platinum- Ella Voss

Riptide- Double Platinum, 2nd in division- Olivia Smith

Sailing Again- Platinum, 1st in division-Lily Baranowski & Erin Jorgensen

Glamorous- Double Platinum, 1st in division, 6th Overall-Abby Barton & Calista Carr

Me Too- Platinum, 3rd in division-Ava Cox & Cora Rose Howard

Grace- High Gold- Caroline Grinstead

Stars- High Gold- Merritt Norris

Say You Love Me- Platinum- Summer Conkling

Bird Machine- High Gold- Kamryn Waldron

Flickers- High Gold- High Gold- Miya Voss

Not About Angels- Platinum- Drew Williams

Under Attack- Double Platinum, 12th Overall- Ella Maton

When She Came Back- Platinum- Lily Eixmann

Yours- Platinum- Emily Basham

Say My Name- Platinum- Savannah Smith

Crazy in Love- High Gold- Helena Stewart

Geronimo- High Gold- Sofia Alvarez

Light Me Up- High Gold- Lauryn Edwards

River- High Gold- Summer Conkling & Savannah Smith

Bole Chudiyan- High Gold, Outstanding Costume- Aneri Patel

Rescue My Heart- Double Platinum, 6th Overall- Morgan Vandervoort

Save Me- High Gold- Sydney Voss

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- High Gold- Stefanie Faucher

Dream- Platinum, 4th Overall- Monica Sattler &a Zoe Papadakos

Everybody Hurts- Platinum – Lily Katherine Cox

Brave- High Gold -Abby Molina

I Do- Platinum -London Keller

Alaska- Platinum -Kathrine Kiersted

I’ll Think of You- Platinum -Anna Graber
Candy Shop Drop- Platinum

Primetime- Double Platinum

Hot, Hot, Hot–Platinum

Whistle- Platinum, 8th Overall

All the Way Up- Platinum

Toy Soldier- Platinum, 9th Overall

We Burn Bridges- Double Platinum, 7th Overall

I Run to You- Platinum

Retrograde- Platinum, 6th Overall

Signed, Sealed, Delivered- Platinum, 9th Overall

Hotstepper- Platinum, 1st in division

Can You Feel It- Platinum, 7th Overall

Bills- Double Platinum, 9th Overall, Outstanding Costume

Faith- Platinum, 10th Overall

Miss Kiss- Platinum, 6th Overall

Cairo- Platinum, 1st in division

Stupid Cupid- Double Platinum, 1st in division, 5th Overall

Let Me Entertain You- Platinum

Carnaval- Double Platinum, 1st Overall, Outstanding Performance Award

Reet Petite- Platinum, 7th Overall

Honey Honey- Double Platinum, 4th Overall, “Cutie Patootie” Award

Fall for You- Double Platinum, 1st in division, 8th Overall

Antidote- Platinum, Diva Award

The Leaving Song- Double Platinum, 5th Overall

Fever- Platinum

Do It Right- Platinum, Outstanding Costume Award

Clique- Platinum

I Found- Double Platinum, 1st in division, 8th Overall, Precision Award

Fame- Platinum, 10th Overall

Don’t Let Me Down- Platinum

Good to Be Alive- Double Platinum, 3rd Overall

Call Me- Double Platinum, 4th Overall

Final Song- Platinum, Outstanding Costume Award

Walk the Walk- Double Platinum, 5th Overall

Studio Excellence Award

Competitive Spirit Award


Everybody Hurts–Lily Katherine Cox–Platinum, 1st Place


Gracie DeJong received a Jazz & Contemporary Class Scholarship.

Dupree Dallas

Say You Love Me–Summer Conkling–Platinum, Intensity Award

Not About Angels–Drew Williams–Platinum

Say My Name–Savannah Smith–Platinum

Under Attack–Ella Maton–Platinum

River–Summer Conkling & Savannah Smith–Platinum

Dupree Half Scholarship–Savannah Smith & Drew Williams

Energy Dance Competition

Burn–Ella Davison–Platinum, 9th Overall

Hall of Fame

Lift Me Up- Stella Hall- High Gold
Wonder- Ella Voss- High Gold
Riptide- Olivia Smith- Platinum, Fabulous Feet Award, All-Star Award
Me Too- Ava Cox- High Gold
Say You Love Me- Summer Conkling- High Gold
Bird Machine- Kamryn Waldron- Platinum, 1st in division, All-Star Award
Rescue My Heart- Morgan Vandervoort- Platinum, 9th Overall, Precision Award, All-Star Award
Save Me- Sydney Voss- Platinum
Bole Chudiyan- Aneri Patel- High Gold
Brave- Abby Molina- High Gold, 1st in division
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Stefanie Faucher – High Gold
Dear Sophie- Lilly Griffin- High Gold, Grace and Beauty Award, All-Star Award
Hair- Adison Mathes- Platinum
Business of Love- Elizabeth Morse- Platinum, 7th Overall, Costume Award
Move- Hadley Perego & Isabelle Wright- High Gold
Carnaval- Platinum
Call Me- Platinum, 1st in division
Fever- High Gold, 1st in division
Walk the Walk- High Gold, 1st in division
Antidote- High Gold, 1st in division
Fame- Platinum, 1st in division
Toy Soldier- High Gold, 1st in division
Clique- Platinum, 1st in division
Let Me Entertain You- High Gold, 1st in division
Final Song- High Gold
Good to Be Alive- Platinum, 1st in division, 4th Overall, Fabulous Feet Award
Retrograde- Platinum
I Found- Platinum, 9th Overall, Intensity Award
Faith- High Gold
Don’t Let Me Down- Platinum, 1st in division
Fall for You- Platinum
The Leaving Song- Grand Slam, 4th Overall, Choreography Award, Hall of Fame Inductee
Do It Right- Platinum, 1st in division
Burn- Ella Davison- High Gold, Intensity Award
Everybody Hurts- Lily Katherine Cox- Platinum, 9th Overall
I Do- London Keller- Platinum
Alaska- Kathrine Kiersted- Platinum
I’ll Think of You- Anna Graber- Platinum, 1st in division
Sailing Again- Lily Baranowski & Erin Jorgensen- High Gold, 1st in division
Save Dat Money- Andie Armitage & Sydney Conrad- High Gold, 1st in division
River- Summer Conkling & Savannah Smith- High Gold, 1st in division, Intensity Award
Dream- Zoe Papadakos & Monica Sattler- High Gold, 1st in division
Honey Honey- Platinum, 1st Overall, Too Too Cute & Sweet Award
Reet Petite- High Gold
Glamorous- Abby Barton & Calista Carr- High Gold, 1st in division
Candy Shop Drop- Platinum, 1st in division, 1st Overall, Best in Category Award
Whistle- Platinum
I Run To You- Platinum, 3rd Overall
Miss Kiss- Platinum, 2nd Overall
Stupid Cupid- Platinum, 4th Overall
Primetime- Platinum, 6th Overall
All the Way Up- Platinum, 1st in division
Signed Sealed Delivered- Platinum, 4th Overall
Hotstepper- Platinum, 1st in division, 2nd Overall, Fabulous Feet Award
Can You Feel It- Platinum
Cairo- Platinum, 1st in division, 8th Overall
Bills- Platinum
Hot Hot Hot- High Gold, Showmanship Award
We Burn Bridges- Platinum, 1st in division, 2nd Overall, Best in Category
Shine- Eliza Thompson- High Gold
Grace- Caroline Grinstead- High Gold, 1st in division
Stars- Merritt Norris- High Gold, 1st in division
Hit Me Up- Maddie Bregenzer- High Gold
The Chain- Linley Norris- High Gold
When She Came Back- Lily Eixmann- High Gold
Flickers- Miya Voss- High Gold
Not About Angels- Drew Williams- High Gold, Showmanship Award
Yours- Emily Basham- High Gold
Under Attack- Ella Maton- Platinum, All-Star Award
Say My Name- Savannah Smith- Platinum, All-Star Award
Gone- Caroline Stiles- High Gold
Geronimo- Sofia Alvarez- High Gold
Crazy in Love- Helena Stewart- High Gold, Fabulous Feet Award


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