Welcome to Memorial Dance Center. We pride ourselves in enthusiasm and professionalism and are dedicated to our students. In order to serve you more efficiently, we are providing you with this Policies & Procedures Guide to use as a reference regarding your family’s enrollment here. Your adherence to our policies and procedures will make our organization run smoothly. Thank you for enrolling at MDC!


Registration requires the completion of a registration form, payment of a registration fee, and your signature on our enrollment agreement. By signing this form, you are acknowledging that you understand your monthly tuition charges and procedure for discontinuing classes. The registration fee is annual—from August of this year through July of the next year.


Tuition is due in full on the 1st day of every calendar month. Your regular rate is listed on the back of this guide. However, if you pay before the 1st of the month, you will receive a $5 discount. Some of our clients prefer paying from our statements and do not choose to pay early nor receive the discount. These statements will be emailed to you. Please understand that payments must be received before, not on, the 1st day of each month and you must have no balance due in order to receive the discount. This is a discount for paying early and saving clerical costs, not a late fee. Remember, we only send email statements for overdue accounts. Tuition is the same each month and does not change due to holidays. Monthly tuition is an average of 4 lessons per month. Tuition will not be refunded, credited, or prorated in the case of absence(s). There will be a $25 service charge for any returned check. Tuition may be mailed to the studio address. Please make sure the name of the student(s) and what the payment covers is written clearly on the check. Automatic credit card accounts may be set up in the office.

Mid-Month Registration

If you register in the middle of the month, your tuition for the current month is due the day you register. Obviously you will have missed some of your classes for that month. For that month only you have the option of paying your monthly tuition in full and making up the missed classes, or you may pay by the class for the remainder of classes in that month.

Missed Classes

For each child’s safety and comfort as well as those of our instructors, we cannot allow sick children to attend class. A child who becomes ill will be isolated and the parent notified to promptly pick him or her up. If you know in advance you will miss a class, please notify our office. The office will be able to inform you of the availability of another class in which you may make up the missed lesson. No special classes will be scheduled for make-ups. No make-up lessons will be allowed March-May due to recital rehearsals. When you take a make-up class, be sure to pick up an admission pass in the office to give to the instructor.

Withdrawal Policy

Notice to withdraw from any class must be submitted to the front desk on a “MDC Termination Form” by the 1st of the month prior to withdrawal in order to stop tuition for the next month. Failure to do so will make you liable for the next subsequent month’s tuition. In addition, the student’s enrollment will be terminated by MDC if he/she missed 4 consecutive classes without prior notice to the office. Parents will be responsible for any and all tuition up to the date that the student’s enrollment is terminated.

Dress Code

All classes: Hair should be worn neatly and securely out of your face. Ponytails are recommended. Headbands do not hold hair while dancing!

Ballet: Leotard (any color), pink footed tights, pink leather ballet shoes with elastic across the instep.

Tap: Leotard (any color), tights, or any other dance clothing that clings to the body. Clothing must cover the knees. Students ages 3 through 1st grade should wear black patent tap shoes. All ribbons must be replaced with elastic. Students 2nd grade and older should wear black, hard soled, lace-up oxfords.

Jazz: Same attire as for tap. Students should wear slip-on jazz shoes. Recital costumes will dictate if shoes should be black or tan.

Hip-Hop: Same attire as for jazz. Jazz shoes or tennis shoes may be worn. Company members will have different requirements.

Classroom Rules

No chewing gum in class. No food or drink allowed inside the classroom (bottled water only). Please turn off cell phones when entering the classroom. Dress appropriately. Students not properly dressed will not be allowed to participate in their class that day. Please be respectful and courteous to everyone including our staff and other students. Please be prompt to class.

Observation of Classes

The viewing windows will be open for parents to observe classes once a month. Open Curtain will be divided into two weeks. Each class will be assigned either “Part 1” or “Part 2”. Assignments will be posted on our website for each class. We ask that you refrain from taking pictures or videotaping. No viewing will be allowed during March-May as we prepare for the recital.

Inclement Weather Policy

When Spring Branch ISD closes due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed as well.

Private Instruction

Our staff is available for private instruction as needed based on studio and teacher availability.

Monthly Newsletters

We send out a monthly newsletter in the form of an email blast to keep you updated with studio news. Please make sure you read these to stay current with monthly events. Notify the office if your email changes. We also have hard copy of the newsletters in the office if you prefer having it in hand. Newsletters are posted on our website as well.


MDC holds an annual recital. Be aware that a recital involves a lot of hard work, time, and of course, expense. We hope that by explaining our recital procedures now, we will enable you to budget yourself for the recital at the end of the school year. Performing in the recital is optional; however, we assume your child is participating unless you give us advance notice.

Recital Fees—This fee covers expenses for the rental of the theater, lighting, sound, stagehands, etc. The recital fee is nonrefundable and must be paid before the due date listed on the calendar. No discount is available for recital fees. This year’s recital fee will be determined by October and posted in our newsletter.

Costumes—Prefabricated costumes are purchased from several different manufacturers. Your child will need one costume per class, as each class will perform a routine in the recital. We will measure students and order costumes in November. Full payment for your costume is due by the date shown on the calendar. More costume details including price and sizing days/times will be posted in our newsletter.

Rehearsals—One rehearsal will be held in preparation for the recital. This rehearsal is mandatory if you intend to perform in the show. Dates are listed on the calendar.

Our rehearsals and recitals are held at: Houston Baptist University, 7502 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77074


It is the parent’s responsibility to pick up their children from class on time. We are not responsible for your child other than the time he or she is in the classroom. Pick up and arrival time should be immediately before or after class, unless prior arrangements have been made.

It is our responsibility to maintain the highest standards of dance training for students of all ages and levels. You may be assured that our classes are conducted and disciplined in a manner keenly associated with proper dance education. We demand respect and proper discipline at all times and reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the studio.

Young students must be fully potty trained. No diapers or pull-ups allowed.

We are very proud of our building. Please treat it with respect. Smoking is not permitted in any area of our building.

We are an approved SBISD off-campus P.E. facility. If you are eligible to apply for off-campus P.E., you may bring your application to us to fill out and sign. You are required to take 5 hours of dance per week per the program. A $50 per semester fee will apply.


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