Rules & Guidelines

Undergarments: Girls should not wear panties under their costumes. If you wear a bra to school, you should wear one under your costumes. Make sure straps are not showing! You can find both nude bras and clear strap bras at Memorial Dancewear.

Tights: Each routine has a specified color and style of Capezio tights. Most of you ordered tights that will go home with your costume! If you did not order tights, they are available at Memorial Dancewear.

More on costumes: All hats are to have flesh colored elastic attached to fit under chin. All straps, ruffles and skirts should be securely attached to the costume bodice. Tutus are to be worn around the hips, not the waist. Don’t forget your shoes!

Hair: All students in tap, ballet and jazz routines should wear their hair parted down the left and pulled into a low bun behind the right ear. All students in hip- hop routines should wear their hair parted down the left and pulled into a low

ponytail behind the right ear. No extraneous barrettes or bows will be allowed. Use pins and ponytail holders that match your hair color, not your costume.

Jewelry: No jewelry is to be worn.

Make-up: All dancers need to wear heavy make-up so that their facial features will show up under the bright stage lights. We suggest you apply brown eye shadow, black eye liner, blush and red lipstick. If you think your make-up looks pretty, you probably don’t have enough on! No finger nail polish allowed!

Recital Line-up: The recital line-ups are posted on the board at the studio. It is your responsibility to know what numbers your child is performing in (show #, line-up # and routine name). Know how many numbers fall in between your child’s numbers so you’ll know how much time you have to dress. You can allow approximately 3 minutes per dance. You must have your child in the dressing room 10 numbers before they are to perform. We cannot stop the show to search for performers. Also, please check the spelling of your child’s name on the line-ups, as we will use these same line-ups to print the programs.

Dressing: Parents will dress their own children in the designated dressing rooms. Only one dresser per dancer please! Dressers should sit as near as possible to the aisle in the auditorium to minimize distraction to audience when entering and exiting. Dressers are to enter and exit through the rear auditorium doors when going to and from the dressing rooms…not the side doors! NO BOYS OR DADS ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING ROOMS…NOT EVEN LITTLE ONES! PLEASE ARRANGE FOR CHILD CARE AHEAD OF TIME! Boys will need to use the Men’s restroom located in the lobby of the auditorium and sit in the chairs designated for them in the hallway just around the corner to the left of the restroom for a teacher to come and get them.

Backstage: No parents are allowed backstage. Dancers will be collected from the dressing room s and brought to chairs in the hallway directly behind the stage. Parent will pick up students from the chairs located down the stage right hallway.

Final dance: All dancers are to be picked up from the dressing room after their last dance. You may stay and watch the rest of the show or you are free to leave. We will also have a short awards ceremony after each show.

Audience Courtesies: We want all of the focus to be on the stage. Please be quiet during the show. Please have dancers wear cover-ups over their costumes. Be courteous when entering and exiting the theater. Please follow all rules!

Show Times:

Friday Show – June 2nd 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Saturday Show 1 – June 3rd 8:30 – 10:30 am

Saturday Show 2 – June 3rd 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Saturday Show 3 – June 3rd 2:30 – 4:30 pm

MDC Company Dancers: Each company has been assigned to perform one or more of the shows listed above. You will not be required to attend the April 4th – 5th dress rehearsals. The production routine will perform during all four shows.

Arrival Time: All dancers should be in the dressing room ready to dance 30 minutes prior to their 1st dance. We do not have enough chairs in the backstage hallway for all dancers, so please do not arrive too early! Parents are to wait with their child in the dressing room until their class is called to sit in the backstage chairs. Please do not leave your children unattended in the dressing room. We cannot chaperone them! Parents are to pick up their child from the stage right hallway chairs, not the auditorium lobby, and repeat the process if the child has a second dance.

Awards: We will honor our 5 & 10 year students during the awards ceremony after their show. If the student is in more than one show, we will honor them in each show. Students may wear their costumes or a nice outfit to receive their award on stage. Parents will drop off and pick up these students from the backstage hallway chairs. We will practice these award ceremonies at the dress rehearsal.

Videotaping & Photography: The recital will be videotaped by Jim Stamos Productions and DVDs of the show will be available for purchase. NO flash photography or videotaping will be allowed. Please respect these rules!


Dress Rehearsal & Group Photos

We will hold dress rehearsals and group photos at HBU on April 4th & 5th. Your assigned show will determine which day you attend.

Show                                    Rehearsal Day & Time
Saturday Show 1               Tue, April 4  4:00-6:00 pm

Saturday, Show 2             Tue, April 4  6:00-8:00 pm

Saturday Show 3              Wed, April 5  4:00-6:00 pm

Friday Show                      Wed, April 5  6:00-8:00 pm

For the dress rehearsal, you should arrive dressed in your first costume. Wear your costume complete with proper tights, accessories, hairstyle and make-up. We will use the backstage dressing rooms for all dancers. Dancers are assigned to dressing rooms by class. Please do not re-assign yourself to a different dressing room! It would be wise to put your name on all costume pieces and shoes. We cannot be responsible for lost items. Eat before you come. No food or drinks will be allowed. No men (even little brothers) allowed in the dressing room. All parents are required to stay during the dress rehearsal. If you are receiving an award, please report to the backstage hallway chairs five routines before your show is over to rehearse the awards ceremony. Rehearsals are closed to the public.

Company members will not participate in the dress rehearsals. We will skip their numbers during rehearsals. Please account for this when figuring how much time you have to change and when you need to be in the dressing room!



New and current students may pre-register beginning March 1st for our 2017-2018 dance year. Pre-registration helps everyone. It enables you to lock in your tuition rate and insures your child a place in class. It helps MDC by providing a base number of students to set the new schedule. Please note that pre-registration fees (registration fees and first month’s tuition) are nonrefundable. You will be informed in July of your 2017-2018 dance schedule by way of e-mail.

To pre-register, you will need to turn in the registration form and the enrollment agreement (back side of form) along with a $30 registration fee and your first month’s tuition. The number of classes you take will determine your tuition. You will need to call or stop by the office for your tuition amount. Forms and monies are due by Friday, June 2nd. Students who register after June 2nd are subject to class availability. We will have a wait list for most classes…so please don’t wait to register! We want you back!

Summer Class information is available on our website. Registration for summer classes will begin March 1st.

MDC Company Auditions

The MDC Company is an elite group of dancers who love to perform and be a part of a competitive team. They represent MDC at various events and competitions throughout the year. Auditions for our 2017-2018 Company Teams will be held May 30th & 31st and are open to dancers ages 2nd grade and older. More detailed information will be available in the upcoming newsletters.


We will hold regular recital classes on April 3rd & 6th (Mon & Thurs of dress rehearsal week).
Thursday, April 6th will be designated for all company group pictures. No company classes will be held this day. Assigned times will be noted in upcoming newsletters.

We will have regular company classes Monday, April 2nd. No classes will be held April 4th & 5th.
We will not hold classes the week of recital (May 29th – June 1st).

Houston Baptist University, 7502 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77074 Morris Cultural Arts Center


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